Deanne Gillies was inspired to open Soggy Doggy Swim Days after realising that there was an increasing demand for Melbourne dog owners who require hydrotherapy for their K9 companions following surgery, old age or simply another form of exercise. The natural progression was to then move onto the specialised hydrotherapy using the underwater treadmill.


Deanne has seen first hand the benefits of natural therapies for dogs suffering from arthritis and recovery from injuries and surgeries.


Qualified in Pet First Aid, a graduate of Certificate 4 in Companion Animal Services, Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals and is a member of ACRA Practitioners (Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association).


Deanne is a committed animal professional with experience in Doggy Day Care and Boarding facilities. 

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Treadmill Hydrotherapy:

The Hydrotherapy area is a fully enclosed and private. The water is tested, monitored and treated on a daily basis for optimum ph balance and quality levels and is kept at 32-33 degrees.

The treadmill therapy is fully tailored to meet your dogs recovery needs and is based on the recommendation of your vet.

Please do not feed your pet prior to their session.


Hydrotherapy Benefits:


  • Loosening tight muscles

  • Low impact exercise

  • Speeds up Surgery Recovery

  • Increasing circulation, endurance and flexibility

  • Increasing range of motion, balance, co-ordination and muscle strength

  • Decreasing swelling and pain

  • Weight loss

  • Confidence Building