What is Canine Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is carried out a specifically designed treadmill which contains water. Impact on the animal’s joints and muscles is very limited making it an ideal form of rehabilitation for dogs’ post-surgery, suffering arthritis or in need of weight loss.

Exercise on the treadmill will help your pet regain strength, improve range of motion, reduce swelling & stiffness along with assisting in building muscle. Cardiovascular fitness will improve along with balance, stability and blood circulation. This form of rehabilitation will also assist in reducing injury recover time.

Water temperature ranges from 32-33 degrees. No cold water is used on patients.

Please note that patients will only be accepted when accompanied with a Veterinary Referral and have been cleared by their Vet to be treated.

What to expect for your session?

  • Appointment runs for 45 minutes

  • First appointment will include a brief health check. This will then be carried out again on their 5th and 10th sessions going forward

  • Your pet will receive a quick rinse off

  • They will be fitted with a dog specific floatation vest

  • The first session is usually quite short; however, this will depend on the animal and what is being treated

  • Individually tailored treatment plan for each patient

  • Time on the treadmill will gradually increase as your animal’s health and fitness improves

  • We will keep your Vet informed on your pets’ progress or advise of any issues which may arise

What to bring:

  • Veterinary referral if not already forwarded from you vet. Please note that this is required in order for your pet to be treated.

  • Ensure vaccinations are up to date

  • Towel for drying your pet post treatment

  • Clothes that you don’t mind getting wet in


What to advise prior to your sessions?

  • Please do not feet your pet at least 3 hours prior to treatment

  • Any changes in your animal’s behaviour & health

  • If there are any open wounds present

  • Is your dog on heat?


Any of the above may result in your appointment having to be postponed.




$65 per Hydrotherapy session


$55 if two or more dogs are from the same household


10 session package upfront payment $55 per session ($550 in total)